Anonymous: "please i need maroob 5/adam blogs to follow"

Hey! I follow some great ones, like: weedsmellingleovine and alevine222. Plus this awesome girl: admalevine. And there is always these two: iheartadamlevine and damnlevine.

Title: Unkiss Me
Artist: Maroon 5
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Anonymous: "Do you know who the little girl behati took a pic with yesterday was? On her insta..."

No, I don’t know, I’m sorry ): Actually, I was wondering too, if someone knows, please let me know.


Hey anon, got our answer! This awesome human being right here (behadam222) knows. She said: "The little girl is Sage Lavinia Huston. She’s Shannan Click’s daughther, Behati’s friend".

Title: Sex and Candy
Artist: Maroon 5
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Sex and Candy || Maroon 5 (Marcy Playground)