Anonymous: "OMG D-1 : before seeing Begin Again for you ! Today it's Danielle Bradbery's birthday ! That's sad that there aren't pics of the wedding. I wanted to see Behati in wedding dress in Adam's arms. I'm sure he was so cute in his suit and tie ! Thank you very much to answer me ! xoxxoxo The French Girl :) !"

Actually, bad news, yesterday I found out that Begin Again was adjourned, it’s only coming in September :/  Yes, I wanted to see Behati’s dress as well, but I respect their decision, they want to keep this special moment for them, it’s kinda cute. Oh, no problem, I’ll always answer my asks, sometimes I forget but eventually I will remember, lol. Plus, I like talking to you! :)

milesfromadamlevine: "Random question: Do you like Star Wars?"

I love it! And I still think it was the inspiration for V cover art, haha.

Anonymous: "Hello ! Just 2 days to wait for you to see Begin Again ! xoxoxo The French Girl ! And I finally send you an email ! <3"

Heeeey!! Yes, 2 days and I can’t waaaait! Haha. About the wedding piscs you asked on the last message, I don’t think there will be pics, at least it was what I saw on Access Hollywood. Too bad because I really wanted to see Bee’s dress and hair :/

Anonymous: "Did blake and/or miranda attend the wedding?"

No, unfortunately they didn’t. :/


Official Track listing for V by Maroon 5, out Sept 2nd:
1. Maps
2. Animals 
3. It Was Always You 
4. Unkiss Me 
5. Sugar 
6. Leaving California 
7. In Your Pocket 
8. New Love 
9. Coming Back For You 
10. Feelings 
11. My Heart Is Open ft. Gwen Stefani 
B Sides- 
1. ShootLove 
2. Sex and Candy 
3. Lost Stars

Anonymous: "Sorry I'm late to answer, but I was very busy these last days :/ ! I will use the email address you gave me to send some messages !!! I'm so excited for the album in September, and I hope that a new single will appear next ! I'm so excited too for the wedding today !! It's The D-Day !! Youhou !!! I want that Behati and Adam to be happy for the rest of their life ! They deserve it ! Love for everyone from the French Girl ! XOXO <3 !"

Oh hey you!! I’m sorry I took so much time to answer this, I actually forgot, I’m so sorry. But yeah, the big day came and for what I’ve read it was an awesome night, so happy for them. I hope they make it last, they’re adorable together! And yeah, the album!! I can’t wait either! Have you seen they’re gonna perform on iTunes Festival this year? Yaass!